22 artists from Filmusik are putting on a special performance, a premiere for their new DVD release of Dunyayi Kurtaran Adam in English. At a time of turmoil when few western films were shown in Turkey, a few ambitious directors set out to create their own Star Wars. They had little budget and some handmade costumes but they had a vision: A frantic action film where the Death Star is really a shield around Earth, and the Turkish star-fighter heros are sent to destroy a magician Death Vader using karate and magic swords. It’s out of control, some of the most insane celluloid ever produced. As Phil Hall of Film Threat notes: “it’s a film that makes film criticism moot”.

Filmusik is a group of artists who create sound for films, footsteps, explosions, overtures and voices. They have been working hard in the studio creating the first English dub of this Turkish classic. Now as a special concert they are performing this soundtrack live, complete with live dubbing, a classical chamber score and a martial arts sound effects track so intense as to require the Foley artists to carb-load before the show and wear safety goggles.